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Quantum Terminals Limited (QTL) is a subsidiary of the Quantum Group of Companies which plays an active role in various segments of the Ghanaian Petroleum Industry. Founded in 2012, QTL plays the strategic role as the logistics arm of the Group, which also includes Sage Petroleum; one of the largest petroleum product traders in Ghana and Cardinal Petroleum; which owns one of the biggest networks of Oil Marketing Companies in Ghana. The close working relationships among companies in the Group offer QTL a unique and strategic insight into Ghana’s energy industry, translating into our better understanding of quality product storage and speed of delivery in this very dynamic and competitive industry. Our active role in the product chain offers us distinct storage and trading market intelligence, which directly influence how our terminals operate.


A unique insight in Ghana's
Energy industry

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The close working relationships among companies in the Group offer Quantum Terminals Limited translates into a better understanding of the need for quality product storage and delivery speed in this very dynamic and competitive industry.

Quality Product


Quality Product Storage Solutions

QTL provides quality storage solutions for the Petroleum sector. QTL’s state-of-the-art storage facilities have been built to satisfy the requirements of such modern facilities in this demanding industry. Customers are therefore assured of cost effective storage services amidst high safety standards and timeliness of product discharge. To further improve value to our Shareholders and Partners, as the Logistics arm of the Group, QTL has a comprehensive plan for the Strategic expansion of our tank terminals and other related services to maintain a strong presence within the supply chain of the petroleum industry. In all our dealings, we strive to exceed customer expectations.

Every encounter will leave a
lasting impression

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We always strive to exceed customer expectation in all our dealings.


Projecting Excellence Through Integrity and Innovation

QTL is exceptionally committed to Integrity and Innovation. Through these disciplines, we continue to spearhead improvements in our internal operations and the industry. In addition to being innovative and operating with integrity, We at QTL are driven by Excellence in all we do. In all our business dealings, ‘good enough’ is merely a starting point in all our endeavors.

Augustine Agyeman